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clinical employee showing a patient breathing techniques

We’re Experts in Our Field

We are compassionate, knowledgeable, and committed to improving patient outcomes. This means we’re not just doing our job fast; we’re doing it to the highest standards. How do we do it?

  1. We deliver an exceptional clinical experience.
  2. We are a proactive and efficient provider that YOU and the community of healthcare providers can count on for your patients.

We understand how the healthcare system works. We get the intense time pressures on medical professionals when transitioning a patient from hospital to home care. We’re there every step of the way to ensure that the patients who choose us as a provider are able to smoothly transition from the hospital to the home.

medical employee pushing patient in a wheelchair

Large Geographic Coverage and Breadth of Product

With Statewide coverage in Arizona and the vast majority of Colorado and Nevada we carry a breadth of products, whereas many of our competitors only carry a single product line. What does this mean for your patient? Once your patient has chosen us as their provider and is referred and set up, we provide all the support they need for a successful recovery at home. We have a field staff located in the hospitals we serve and available via mobile vans. These professionals expedite your discharge process by training your patients on our equipment on the spot. Many hospitals in our service area are assigned a staff liaison. Our staff liaisons are onsite at the hospitals daily to make sure the patients that come on service with us understand how to use their equipment properly and safely prior to going home.

We maintain a large number of consignment closet agreements in hospitals in our service area. For those hospitals where we do not have a consignment closet, we make sure equipment is readily available in mobile vans. Staff liaisons are in each of the hospitals they serve every day, to make sure that patients that come on service with us know how to use their equipment before going home. Our presence on the ground allows us to keep the patient discharge process smooth for those patients. Most important, being there to help those patients at the right time contributes to good outcomes once the patient is discharged.

medicare card


We are highly efficient at the behind-the-scenes work of making sure your patient is eligible for the equipment they’ve been prescribed. We’re vigilant about getting in touch fast to make sure the patient's discharge and home care process is easy and successful. At Preferred Homecare™, we have more contracts with insurance providers than any competitors in our area. The insurers we are contracted with include managed care organizations, traditional health insurers, preferred provider organizations, at-risk health providers, third-party administrators, self-insured plans, provider network managers and more. We have specialized insurance staff at every location. When you make a referral to us, we will conduct a thorough benefit investigation to ensure your patient’s coverage is understood and optimized. We are highly efficient and rapid with this behind-the-scenes work, and we will keep your office informed every step of the way as we determine the qualifying criteria and documentation requirements for every health plan.
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Referral Forms​

We make the referral process as simply and as efficient as possible. Below you will find referral forms for our Arizona, Colorado, and Nevada locations.

Disclaimer: Certain services are offered through affiliated entities.

Contact a Preferred Homecare Center​

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